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Customized Plan

Every social media campaign at Salactsol is tailored to your distinctive company objectives and objectives.

Community Management

We know that having a community around your product is the best company approach. We like, answer and communicate with you on social media.

Follower Growth

We boost supporters by using hashtags every day, following hundreds of individuals, loving posts from other users.

Interactive Engagement

We participate and communicate on social media with prospective buyers. This includes posting content driving likes retweets remarks and shares.

Contest, Campaigns & Events

We think that competitions on social media are an incredible way to create huge exposure on your social channels.

Influencer Outreach

We are not only focusing on growing supporters or likes, but we are also building partnerships with influencers.

Optimum brand presence on major social media platforms

Our services for social media management are intended to increase the internet presence of your brand. On significant social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc., we assist your brand build confidence and relationships with prospective buyers.

The advantages of using our social media management services are enhanced awareness, traffic on websites, and generating leadership. Other advantages to present and potential clients include influenced Google rankings, blog promotions, reputation management, and customer service.

We fuel social conversations

Our content is like gasoline for discussions on social media and can be adjusted seamlessly for publishing on social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter etc.In order to optimize the social reach of your content, our social marketing specialists can also help you boost your supporters and supporters.

We know social media - Inside Out!

We link the methods & investments of social media to your branding & general company objectives. Our social ad campaigns drive both revenues and leads, which is important for today's majority of companies. We also assess involvement that impacts brand metrics such as consciousness, Purpose & preference. Our ability to segment & magnify discussions allows us to organize embedded campaigns to increase participation, exposure to channels and traffic in social media. proof algorithm. We concentrate on marketing authority content and building industry interactions to securely increase your website traffic.

Why Become a Google Partner?

Google advertising provides a precious and well-versed marketing technique with comprehensive expanded help as well as help with the rapidly evolving digital trends to renovate and advance digital marketing policies.The minute. when a business becomes a Google Partner, it is allocated straight to top-notch digital specialist that enables them to carefully elevate marketing campaigns to win beyond limits.

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What our customers are saying about us

Eman Ali Pharmacies group
Overall Rating from 46 Users
Excellent Job!

Outstanding experience working with Salactsol. Henry has been very helpful, professional and proactive. It’s been wonderful to work with Salactsol.

13 November 2018 View on Goodfirms

Fahad BinThabit Allianz Saudi Fransi
Overall Rating from 46 Users
Strongly Recommended!

We have been dealing with Salactsol for our Mobile Application "Yumm Cloud" and we are really satisfied with how things shaped up, I would recommend to choose Ronald Lake as a Project Manager as he is efficient, smart and a problem solver.

12 November 2018 View on Goodfirms

Suhail AbuAlMaleh Dubai Civil Defence
Overall Rating from 46 Users
Quick Responsiveness!

Salactsol is a great agency if you want to get a mobile application made. They have been on time with their deliveries and the work delivered so far is amazing. The work was very upmarket and as per the current standards. The project Manager for our project Ms. Parul Sethi supported us throughout and delivered what was the best for our application.

12 November 2018 View on Goodfirms

Mohamed Mousa Multi Passports
Overall Rating From 54 Users
Great Job

They were very helpful and professional and great services recommend

12 October 2018 View on Goodfirms

Bahidra Olayan Financing Company
Overall Rating From 48 Users
Good Job Team on this project!

I have been working with Salactsol for almost 2 years now, Eric Olson has been super helpful ever since he took over our account. Very professional and proactive, coming up with creative ideas and solutions.

12 October 2018 View on Goodfirms

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Account Setup

We take all your profitable keywords and setup your account


Campaign Creation

We setup a campaign based on your industry requirements and user's search behavior.


Real-time Monitoring

Weekly and monthly reports on ongoing campaign management



We optimize your campaign regularly to deliver the highest ROI

Digital apparatus

We know these inside out & that's how we roll!

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We can drive traffic that is more likely to come into contact with your website and take a required action.


We make sure that a required action is taken by the visitor, whether it is a submission of form or some other purpose.

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