Our Mission & Vision

As a consequence of easy observation, SALACTSOL was established.

"Our aim is to expand the complete capability by offering international outsourcing services of the incredible pool of software engineers.".

SALACTSOL offers customers all around the world interesting software that changes games. We think that the implementation of appropriate technological alternatives to the real company issues is a true innovation. We aim to develop staff who are considered leaders in the technology sector and who generate cutting edge technology.

Loved and trusted by the industry leaders

Salactsol Solutions L.L.C, a leader of digital realm in UAE, with tax registration number: 100255094300003 – has been serving its customers in different industries from sports and entertainment to health care and retail.

Our Core values

Superior integrity

During the entire process, we retain our strong convictions and professionalism. We emphasize integrity and respect.

Give Back

We are working to transform our companies through real transactions and CSR exercises into better locations.

Be Tenacious

Can and Will. Can and will. Instead of simple or cheapest quick fix, we try to find the best and authentic responses for our clients.

Select Joy

We trust that our appreciation and openness will be maintained. Above all our clients enjoy our way of working.

Dream Big

We offer our customers their lifestyles. We also provide a gateway to achievement in relation to the alternatives.

Diversity Rules

We love to work in various ways and backgrounds while promoting freedom of exchange of ideas and ideas.

Global development

Uniting communities across borders and forging lifelong partnership

1,500+ Customers in 29+ Countries


200+ Associates and Partners


6,500+ Award Winning Projects

Salactsol's story


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